March Motivation: Ballet Improvers

March Motivation: Ballet Improvers

Step into Spring with our motivational playlists for the month of March! As the final days of winter give way to a new season, NOW is a great time to level up your artistry and technique.

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March Motivation: Ballet Improvers
  • Warm-Up

    It involves some centre work, port de bras and cardio to warm up the body.

    James Muller leads this session with Chris Swithinbank on piano.

  • Improver Ballet with Kate Hartley-Stevens | 5

    Kate Hartley-Stevens leads this class, with Chris Swithinbank on piano.

  • Ballet Masterclass with Laura Hussey | Giselle

    Learn some of the steps behind the greatest Romantic ballet in this Giselle masterclass, featuring steps from the Vine Gatherers' dance and from Giselle's Act 1 solo. This class is led by former ENB dancer Laura Hussey, with ENBYouhCo Dancer Albertine Engelstad demonstrating and Graham Webster on...

  • Dynamic Ballet with Carolyn Bolton | 2

    Work on your musicality and phrasing with this dynamic ballet class from ENBYouthCo Creative Director Carolyn Bolton.

  • Technique Tips with Renato Paroni de Castro - Turns

    In this short class, English National Ballet repetiteur Renato Paroni de Castro goes through some helpful tips to refine your turns technique and improve your pirouettes.

  • Cool Down

    James Muller leads this session. Hamish Longley, an Artist with English National Ballet, demonstrates with Chris Swithinbank on piano.