Fitness February: Explore Dance

Fitness February: Explore Dance

The Fitness February: Explore Dance playlist brings you a variety of classes to help you explore and inspire your love of dance! The perfect way to get your heart pumping, find time for yourself and move with LOVE!

February is the month of love, so this year why not celebrate self-care? Make a commitment to your well-being for Fitness February with BalletActive. You’ll be treating yourself to an important gift; Self-Love.

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Fitness February: Explore Dance
  • Contemporary with Alleyne Dance | 2

    Join Alleyne Dance for this second Contemporary class focusing on movement in the wrists and hands.

    Alleyne Dance was founded in 2014 by sisters Kristina and Sadé Alleyne. Their aesthetic reflects their diverse background of athleticism and dance training. Alleyne Dance blends Afro- Caribbean, H...

  • Flamenco Roots with Jose Agudo | 2

    Jose Agudo leads this 7-part course working up from warm-up exercises and moving in to learn the choreography of a Farruca, with live music by Giuliano Modarelli.

  • Kathak with Sujata Banerjee | 1

    Then move on to learn utpatti, samatal, pushpak, urdha hasta chakra and madhya.

    This 6-part course led by Sujata Banerjee covers the basics, from the Kathak stance and utpatti starting position to tatkar, toda and progressing into narrative dance and improvisation.

    Vidya Patel demonstrates, wi...

  • Ballet Masterclass with Renato Paroni de Castro | 2 (Beginner)

    Renato Paroni de Castro, Ballet Master at English National Ballet, leads this masterclass for those new to ballet or wanting a refresher on the basics.

    Noah Benzie-Drayton and Poppy Frankel, both Artists with English National Ballet, demonstrate the exercises while Matthew Gregory accompanies o...

  • Dance Cardio with Nicky Henshall | 2

    Nicky Henshall, former Artist with English National Ballet, leads this 4-part series that start with a gentle warm-up and move into more high-impact exercises to build strength and stamina.

  • Contemporary with James Muller | 2

    Mobilise and articulate the spine, engaging the core, with curves, tilts, arches and twists in this beginner to improver level Contemporary class.

    James Muller, former dancer with Richard Alston Dance Company, leads this Contemporary dance course with release-based and Cunningham influences. He ...